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Landscape Design

Just like a well-planned house, a well-planned landscape will make your life more enjoyable, easier and more comfortable.


Master Plan

shows the layout, notes on changing levels and building structures


Detailed Planting Plans

show the number of plants, their size and spread


Dimension Plan

indicates all necessary measurements for creating the gardens.


Colour Plan

makes a plan come alive and helps the viewer to better visualize the finished landscape


Plant List

complements the whole landscape design with botanical names and pictures of all the plants

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On-Site Consultation

  • When planning to build a new house
  • When building a new house
  • When buying a house 
  • When changing an existing landscape
  • When you have questions about plants, plant care, or pest and disease control

We will give you ideas and review your concepts for the layout of property, pathways, retaining walls, shrub borders, driveway, shade trees or flowerbeds. We will help you target solutions for existing problems and analyze property potential. All that while considering all physical aspects of your property, personal needs and preferences.

We can give you answers for your gardening questions like: when to prune, how to transplant, how to identify plants, how to improve soil and when your perennials are going to bloom etc. You will get all your answers specific to your plants and their environment.

Our horticulturist /landscape designer will meet you at your place and will answer your questions. She will also provide you with information sheets with specific topics that you are interested in, such as instructions for planting, measuring slopes, pruning of various trees, shrubs and vines, fall preparation, caring for rhododendrons, roses or water plants. etc.

The cost is $95.00 per hour plus a travelling fee.

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